Finance Basics Flashcards

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  • Here's How You Can Teach Yourself And Others About Personal Finance

    Do you wish you’d learned more about taking care of your finances in school?

    Do you want to educate your kids so they can make smart financial decisions?

    Are you ready to take action to sort out your own financial situation but don’t know where to start?

    Introducing The Finance Basics Flashcards Set!

    Don’t waste any more time with your finances in a mess or letting the people around you get deeper into financial trouble because they just don’t understand it all.

    The Finance Basics Flashcards set is here to make learning and teaching about finance easier with their signature microlearning style to break learning down into manageable chunks.

    Learn And Take Action With These Finance Flashcards:

    The flashcards are clear and easy to understand for everyone, no matter what their financial background is. The definitions are concise and simple, and the talking points allow you, a financial coach or parent, to go further and explore the concepts in detail.

    Realize Action points are designed to give you practical ways to improve your own finances or help children or clients to really do something to get into a better financial position.

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    ✔️ 40 flashcards covering topics from paychecks and taxes to investment and retirement

    ✔️ 3 areas on each card: definition, ways to think about the concept and realize action points

    ✔️ Microlearning style meaning you can learn at your own pace and pick the cards up when you have time

    ✔️ Great for financial coaches and educators, teachers and parents to help kids get ahead financially

    ✔️ Come in a durable box with a magnetic flap to make sure the cards last for you and your family

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