Financial Basics Online 8 Week Course - Starting Jan. 10th

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 Financial Basics Online Course - Every Monday for 8 weeks - Starting Jan 10th - 5pm to 6:30 PST

Realize Now is pleased to announce its Finance Basics Course giving learners a hands on, interactive learning environment, that takes them through lessons that they can use in their everyday life right away.


Whether you are a teen looking to start your financial future off on the right foot, or you're a young adult ready to take on the "real world," or you've been in the working world for a while and made a few mistakes, this course will help you take charge of your financial future.

By the end of the course you will be able to  

1. Set up a multimillion dollar retirement account.

2. Make the right decisions on their paycheck to lower their taxable income appropriately and maximize their take home.

3. Make smart credit decisions that can boost their score immediately, or prepare to have great credit from the start.

 4. Build a functional budget that allows an individual to live a fun and productive life, while not dragging themselves into debt. Or, build a budget to help them get out of debt.

Each learner taking the course will receive

  • Detailed descriptions basic finance topics that you can use TODAY.
  • Interactive activities that put concepts into practice.
  • Assignments that help you transform your current financial reality, into your dream financial scenario.
  • Small class size to allow for a deeper understanding of concepts that can be difficult to grasp.
  • A Free FINANCE BASICS FLASHCARDS Deck which will be used throughout the classes.
  • A Facilitator to help with any questions that may arise as you dive deep into the material.